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Weight: 8 pounds

Action: Blow back, open bolt

Cartridge: 9x19mm

Rate of fire: 500 rounds a min

Magazine: 32 round stick magazine

The MP40 was a modified change to the MP38. The MP40 has a folding stock. It was only used in World War II by German forces. It is very light compared to the Thompson. It was the main submachine gun of the German army. It was rated a well rounded gun.

Gewehr 43

Cartridge 7.92 X 57mm

Weight 9.7 pounds

Caliber 7.92 X 57mm

It was gas operated

Gewehr 43 was a semi-automatic rifle. Made and used by the Germans. Gewehr 43 is a modified gas system of Gewehr 41. The gun was used for sniping and regular infantry. Mauser created the Gewehr 41 but it was unreliable in combat. Gewehr 43 was made by Walther. This was a way better improved gun and was more reliable in combat. Nearly 500,000 Gewehr 43 were made during the war. The Gewehr 43 was used from 1943 to 1945.

Cartridge: 7.92 X 57mm Mauser

Weight: 8 pounds

Action: Bolt-action

Effective: 500 meters

With scope: 800 meters or more

Loaded on 5 round striper clip

The K98 used by German Armed Forces from 1898 throughout World War II. It was the German’s most common gun issued. It is a Mauser bolt action rifle. Since the K98 was bolt action its rate of fire was low compared to the semi-automatic in the Allies arsenal. The K98 was adopted for special duties. For example, it was changed for a sniper, or for a paratrooper. The K98 was the widely used weapon in German forces for World War II.