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Flashlight: Original or Bundeswehr. Must be painted gray/green or black.

Zeltbahns: Original or approved reproduction. Issued and used as a waterproof cape. It can also be used in combination with 3 other zeltbahns to form a 2 man tent.

A-Frame & Bag: (Gefechtsgepack) Original or quality reproduction. Continental or tropical, with correct straps and metal fittings.  (Gefechtsgepack-Beutal) Original or approved reproduction. This is used for personal implements and attaches to the A-frame.

K-98 Pouches: Original, black leather three section pouches with sewn or riveted straps. There are many manufacturing variations, so be certain that the pair you purchase is a matched set. You will also need at least twelve stripper clips to hold sixty rounds of ammo to fill these pouches.

E-Tool & Carrier: (Schanzzeug) Original, Dutch folding type, or Swiss spade type. Metal section is to be painted in semi-gloss black or charcoal gray with the wood handle left unpainted.  Original or approved reproduction carrier. Black leathe or tropical web. No post war odd types; Dutch or Bundeswehr web carriers.

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Mess Kit: (Kochgeschirr) Original or pre-56 type Bundeswehr. The short height lid only. Do not use the inner third tray tin if you use the Bundeswehr type, discard it. The mess tin should be painted in gray/green or black. It must also have the correct strap in leather or web (original or reproduction).

Images from Deutsche Soldaten by Agustin Saiz