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Membership Costs

Unit Dues:
Unit dues are $
50 dollars per year. See unit treasurer to collect dues. These are to help pay for gas and maintenance of the unit vehicles. Fee must be collected at the beginning of every year to participate.
C.H.G Club Fees
Costs to join the CHG are
$30 per year. This helps pay for battle sites as well as for transportation of large vehicles to events. Fee must be collected at the beginning of every year to participate.
Individual Gear
Below is an estimated cost of items. **It should be noted that individuals are encouraged to acquire their personal gear in a timely matter, however this is completely dependent on your financial situation. The unit does have loaner gear for a nominal fee for those who are still putting their impression together. All personnel must acquire a full kit within a year joining.
         1) Basic uniform (tunic, pants, and field cap w/ insignia) $500 (Lost Battalions, other venders approved)
          2) K 98 rifle (WW II German manufacture) $150-600
         3) Boots (w/hobnails, toe cleats, and heel irons) $199 (ATF)
          4) Belt and buckle $65
          5) Y-straps $60-90
          6) Gas Mask Canister $60-100
         7) Canteen $35-90
          8) Mess Kit $15-50
          9) E-tool with leather carrier $60-80
         10) K 98 bayonet $40-120
         11) K 98 ammunition pouches $40-50
         12) M-35, M-40, M-42 steel helmet $250-???
         13) Camouflaged Pullover smock (check for approved designs/vendors) $109-225
         14) Mantel $160-325

        15) Dog Tags $15-30
         16) Camouflaged Zeltbahn (shelter quarter/original or repro.) $75-190

        17) Soldbuch $15
        18) Bread Bag $10-40
                                     *Prices subject to change based on availability & vendor
                                         **Also Check with unit leader on something you are unsure about in price.

Unit Handbook